1. ACCEPTANCE: By making a booking the following general conditions are understood to have been accepted.
  2. USER: The person making the booking must be legally of age and accept liability for the veracity of the data input.
  3. BOOKING: The booking is complete when the user has received the booking confirmation by e-mail containing the booking reference number.
  4. DATA: All the data input by the user is saved on a secure server and we guarantee that access to this information shall be exclusive to the hotel and shall only be used for the purposes of the booking itself and to notify the client of future promotions or special offers.
  5. LIMITS: The system reserves the possibility of limiting bookings, in terms of the number of rooms and the number of overnight stays.
  6. DEPOSIT: The system will request payment or a credit card guarantee for the first night booked and the booking remains subject to acceptance of the bank payment.
  7. CANCELLATION: Your credit card number and the date of expiration guarantees the reservation and allows the Hotel to charge the 1st night, if necessary. Cancellations should be sent by fax -never by e-mail- 48 hours before the entry, or we charge the 1st night. All cancellations should be also confirmed by the Hotel.

Barcelona ist eine Stadt mit einer intensiven kulturellen, musikalischen und Kongressaktivität. Das ganze Jahr über finden alle Arten von Veranstaltungen statt, die Sie während Ihres Aufenthalts im Hotel Gaudí besuchen können..

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